About Cameo 4

Silhouette Cameo is the perfect first vinyl cutting machine for beginners or as an addition to any experienced Silhouette crafter’s craft room.

The Cameo 4 is a desktop cutting machine that lets you make precision cuts in vinyl, cardstock, fabric, and more.

Three Times the Speed

The new Silhouette Cameo 4 is 3 times the speed of its previous models.

3 Millimeters of Space

The new Silhouette Cameo 4 has an increased space for cutting thicker materials.

5000 Grams Downforce

With the new Cameo 4 it cuts materials with up to 5 kilograms of cutting force.

True Matless

Cameo 4 with a true cut without mat for Card Stock, Vinyl, Heat Transfer & More.


Silhouette America has introduced the latest addition to its family of equipment, the new Silhouette Cameo 4 desktop cutting plotter.

Today with the mix of new features, exclusive and specialized tools and equipment additions, you will maintain all of the above features with which you probably know from the previous version that today have made it the number one cutting plotter in its category afterwards. 7 years of history in the market, in Mexico and the world.

Create custom projects for home, business, school, or hobby.


Cut Paper and Cardstock

CAMEO has the possibility of cutting materials such as paper and cardstock. In some cases using the "Matless" function.

Vinyls and Adhesives

Cuts different types of pressure sensitive materials and films. Adhesive vinyls, thermo-adhesive vinyls for textiles. It allows "kiss cut".

Print and Cut

Like other predecessors, Cameo 4 includes an optical cut-to-register sensor. Widely used to contour cut any image or project.